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High-Fire Glazes

On December 8, 2015 Read Comments (0)

New Release!

Whether you fire in oxidation, reduction, or neutral—with gas, electricity, or wood—High Fire Glazes delivers an enormous array of surface possibilities. The recipes in this book have been used and tested by more professional artists, over a longer period of time, than those at other temperature ranges. It’s not a matter of status or comparative desirability, but a factor of the reality that the history of studio ceramics in the United States was built largely at high temperatures. And you are the beneficiary of the reliability that comes from such thorough and wide-ranged testing. 

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Function & Adornment: Handbuilding Functional & Decorative Forms with Kate Maury

On December 2, 2015 Read Comments (0)



In this installment of the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents video series, Kate Maury shares her techniques for creating highly decorative and ornate, yet functional forms. Beginning with a simple presentation of how to make a press or sprig mold from a found object, Kate moves on to demonstrate a variety of ways to use sprigs beyond their traditional function. Rather than using them in their entirety, she looks for visually interesting components within both commercially manufactured and handmade sprig molds, then pieces these elements together into intricate compositions. Sometimes the sprigs are used on the surface of handbuilt structures, but other times, they become are structure. In addition to demonstrating five unique forms, Kate shares loads of tips and smart handmade tools she has developed that help immensely not just with this type of handbuilding, but with just about any other studio pursuit, as well.

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Sculpture Techniques

On November 30, 2015 Read Comments (0)

Clay is the most versatile sculpture material around. It’s easy to use, readily available, inexpensive, and perfect for creating works of almost any size or shape. For thousands of years, artists have used clay to stir their imagination and give shape to their ideas. 

In Sculpture Techniques, you will discover a world of fresh ideas from more than thirty artists as they share their unique approaches and inspired insights. This book provides a wealth of valuable information along with lots of ideas you will want to try out. If you are looking for endless hours of exciting ways to spend time in the studio, Sculpture Techniques can serve as your guide.

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Ceramics Monthly Guide to Materials and Glazes

On November 17, 2015 Read Comments (0)

Since it was first published in 1953, a primary goal of Ceramics Monthly magazine has been to illustrate and explain the technical aspects of ceramic art so that an individual in a studio has a high chance for success. This book has been compiled from years of technical explanation and reference material from Ceramics Monthly, and will help you interpret results in your own studio, assess recipes from others for possible use, and pursue new ideas with knowledge and confidence. 

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