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Potters Council Board Members

Potters Council was established in 2001 as a nonprofit subsidiary of The American Ceramic Society by a group of individuals like you. Individuals who are passionate about pottery, who care about education, and who want to continue making pottery accessible to anyone interested. The mission of the Potters Council is to meet the needs of studio potters and ceramic artists by providing forums for knowledge exchange and professional enhancement.


Potters Council members are the driving force behind all decisions and actions that take place everyday and which are based on meeting goals established more than 11 years ago. Potters Council strives to:


  • Increase the number of workshops
  • Offer a wide-variety of locations and topics for each workshop
  • Support existing art organizations
  • Provide business and career opportunities
  • Promote ceramic awareness.

Potters Council Workshops
There are numerous opportunities throughout the year for you to attend a Potters Council workshop. And, as one Potters Council member describes, the experience of learning new techniques and meeting other potters is extremely rewarding:


“I had a great time at the Potters Council workshop, meeting people of like-mind, 
learning new things and reinforcing old ones.” 

Member Susan Bisgyer


The Benefits of Membership
When you become a member of the Potters Council, you immediately join the growing community of people who share your passion for pottery and are interested in taking advantage of the tools available to ceramic artists.


“The tangible benefits of being a member caused me to join, but I realized what 
really motivated me was seeing the Council as a tool for bringing potters together. I’d already been 
reading and occasionally contributing to the ClayArt list serve, and Potters Council offered a way of 
creating connections on the ground at conferences not just in cyberspace.” 

Nan Rothwell, Potters Council Past-President, on why she joined Potters Council


Together with its members, Potters Council is building a strong community of ceramic artists who actively participate in furthering the Potters Council mission and goals. We welcome you to get involved. Participation from our members is key to keeping Potters Council the thriving community of potters that it is today.


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