Potters Council provides active members online artist portfolios to promote members’ work to the public. Members can tap into worldwide exposure via their own personal portfolio. Each member has an exclusive web link to their portfolio that includes up to three photos of their work, contact information, a brief description of themselves and their work.


Request or Update Your Own Listing

It is easy to set up you’re listing, and takes only a few minutes of your time. To request an artist portfolio listing, click here.


“I have had my work posted on several websites over the last few years with little or no response and the ones I did get were not serious. You posted my portfolio listing last week and I have already received an email and a follow-up order. I was pleasantly shocked by this quick response. Thought you should know your good work is in fact working!!!”—Sandy Early, Potters Council member

How to Browse the Potters Council Artists

Artist portfolio’s are in alphabetical order based on last name. Click on each range of letters located on the right below to move through the alphabet.


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