Sumi von Dassow
Golden, Colorado
Her Wheel Pottery

Contact Information:
My address is Post Office Box 51, Golden CO 80402.
My telephone number is 303-279-6054

Studio Description:
I am in charge of the pottery program at the Washington Heights Art Center in the City of Lakewood, where I have been teaching for 11 years. In addition to basic pottery classes, wheel-throwing etc, I specialize in burnishing and pit-firing and offer pit-firing and smoke-firing workshops. I also do cone 6-7 glazed oxidation and reduction work, and have even built a tiny wood kiln which we fire to cone 7 in three hours. This is the most fun thing in the world to do, though working with wet clay comes awfully close. I write the “Off the Shelf” book review column for Pottery Making Illustrated, and my book “Low-Firing and Burnishing” will be published October 2009, in the Ceramics Handbook series from A&C Black. My work is primarily vessel-oriented, though I do some figurative burnished and smoke-fired work.
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