Dick Heiser
Castle Hayne, North Carolina

Pumpkin Creek Pottery


rheiser@ec.rr.com or pumpkincreekpottery@gmail.com


Contact Information:
Studio hours are by appointment
Telephone 910-228-9704
We are located at 3820 Worthdale Dr. in Castle Hayne, North Carolina.

Studio Description:
My studio is a single person operation. We have four kilns, a 40cf wood fired catenary kiln, a 10cf gas kiln, smaller raku/sagger kiln and a new 20cf soda kiln. Predominantly I work in stoneware and porcelain and do some sagger and raku work for the fun of it. I have always loved wood firing. We stack the wood kiln in different ways depending on what effect we wish to achieve.


I received my MFA in Ceramics from East Carolina University and my BFA from Western Carolina University.


Predominantly I don’t do production ware as much as I do unique sets of ware… and I range from the coffee mug to beer mugs, fountains, to garden jars, and multi-media jars incorporating wood in the designs. We do a great deal of glaze testing looking to develop new colors and accents for the work.


My work is available directly through the studio or through the Gallery at Racine in Wilmington, NC http://www.galleryatracine.com/. I hope to be able to provide sales on the internet in the very near future through Etsy.com


Additionally, I am a board member of the Coastal Carolina Clay Guild http://coastalcarolinaclayguild.org/

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