Wendy Durand
St. Petersburg, Florida

Wendy Durand Pottery



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In each form I create, I look to find elegance and refinement, and, a bit of fun or functionality. I am drawn to unusual, exaggerated shapes, texture and the many varieties of lids that a pot can have. Each piece is designed, hand-built, textured, and finished by me.


Primarily, my work is fired in either a soda or salt kiln (or both), resulting in the unpredictable beauty that these “vapor firings” can add to the finish of a piece. The creation of ceramic art involves both technical skill and creativity. But behind it all, for me, there is nothing quite like the joy of immersing myself in clay and attempting to make something beautiful from it.


I want people to want to touch my work and for my work to touch them.


For many years, I dreamed about working in clay….I remember feeling this way back in college. Life, though, has a funny way of interfering and a full time career did not leave me the time to explore this dream. Finally in 2007, a good friend gave me the perfect birthday gift: a 25 pound bag of clay and the willingness to take lessons with me. I quickly became serious about my work, put my former career behind me, and am now happily immersed, creating pottery and sculptural forms in clay. I have had the good fortune to learn from some regionally and nationally known clay artists and to live in a city brimming with talented artisans willing to share their knowledge.


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