Barry Gillen
San Diego, California 


Contact Information:
Call for appointment at 619-993-8363


Studio Description:

B.F. Gillen’s meticulous, almost mathematical hand carved surfaces all originate from circle and diamond cuts. The method, which utilizes the Golden Ratio as a reference, aims to keep the pattern moving and flowing in a natural, non-forced way around the piece, moving across the clay face until it connects up with the start. His portfolio boasts a variety of nature themed, functional as well as decorative stoneware and porcelain pieces which are all hand thrown, hand built and hand carved. Carving for each piece takes upward of 60 hours, and each piece is finished with iron oxide, celadon, and/or rutile oxide glazes. B.F. Gillen studied for 12 years at the San Diego Ceramic Connection and has been well-received in a number of recent competitions.

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