Michael Hamlin-Smith
Charlotte, North Carolina




Contact Information:

Michael Hamlin-Smith
3405 Cresta Court
Charlotte, NC 28269


Studio Description:

I create vessels by hand building from slabs or coils or throwing on the potters wheel. The vessels are made with a high iron bearing clay body. Multiple colored crater or matt glazes are applied. The pieces are fired in an electric kiln to 1184 Celsius with a combination slow and rapid cooling. Many crater glazed pieces are fired multiple times to obtain an appealing movement of the glaze resulting in a surface that is flowing and visually active.


I combine my passion for gardening with my passion for ceramics and design forms that will compliment the various types of flowers and plants that I grow and propagate. The garden is one source of inspiration when designing vessels! Other sources include Scandinavian design, Mid-Century design, Ikebana arrangements, and 12-15th century Persian and East Asian ceramic forms.


I want the work I create to be soothing to the soul and contribute peace and serenity to an interior environment.

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