Roxanne Hunnicutt
Grants Pass, Oregon


Laughing Waters Pottery

Contact Information:
1469 NE View Drive, Grants Pass, OR 97526
View Drive is a one block long street off of Beacon tucked up near the freeway and equidistant between the two Grants Pass exits.

Studio Description:
I do a variety of work, but mostly utilitarian cone six oxidation and reduction. The other large part of my business is smoke-fired platters and decorative wares. I have worked at learning and teaching pottery of most of fifty years.

Potters Mark:
Hunnicutt and on the smoke-fired platters, which my husband fires in a barrel, add his last name, Jesswein.

Links to Galleries:
Gallery One operates in the Grants pass Museum of Art:
The Gallery of the Southern Oregon Guild
Artists in the Clay Guild of the Cascades
Oregon Potters Association Ceramic Showcase
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