Sharon Jackman
ShaJa Ceramics
Laguna Niguel, California

Contact Information:
Phone: (949) 249-1553
Fax: (614) 437-3876

Studio Description:
My first career in the arts was in modern dance, and I hold a Master’s degree in that discipline. As a choreographer, I enjoyed the challenge of creating form and design in time and space. Later in life I sought a new medium, and working with clay seemed a natural evolution. The physicality of the work has similarities to the dance, and creating form using the three dimensional, plastic nature of clay bears a relationship to creating form with the human body. Throwing porcelain on the wheel demands strength, concentration and coordination. I use yoga breathing principles to produce the delicate yet strong pressure needed to pull the clay smoothly and evenly upwards.


Initially fascinated with creating highly symmetrical forms on the wheel, I soon found myself manipulating the clay after throwing to achieve organic, flowing forms. The endless flexibility of clay continues to amaze me. At the same time, I gravitated to porcelain. Porcelain is the strongest and purest white clay after firing, yet paradoxically is the softest and most pliable to work with.


I have always been fascinated with the natural world, and so I became drawn to crystalline glazes, in which a natural process that normally occurs deep in the earth can be coaxed into taking place in the kiln. The crystals grow and slide at will, and seem the perfect complement to my flowing organic forms. Because each piece is unique, each kiln opening is an occasion for excitement and wonder, like a child opening a gift.


Born in London, England, I seem to have been moving west my whole life. I work in my home studio in southern California, where I live with my wonderful husband Daniel and beloved Jack Russell terrier, Billy.

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