Mary Lovell

Dickinson, North Dakota

Contact Information:

Phone: (701) 483-4950

Studio Description:

I have worked with clay since 1995. I do some hand building, but mainly throw functional pots, which are fired to cone 6-7 in an electric kiln. My studio is in a garage at my home. In the winter I work in a heated 4 x 8 foot space that is easy and economical to heat. Living in the heart of the buffalo commons I include the Bison and life on the prairie in a lot of my work. I also like to try different effects with slip and paper. By trade I am a cataloger at the local Public Library, by passion I am a potter.
Potters' Mark

Potters' Mark

I sign my work with: M Lovell Dickinson ND and use the L bison stamp.
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