Eliza Wilson Thomas
Menlo Park, California



Contact Information:
Eliza Wilson Thomas Ceramics
149 Spruce Avenue
Menlo Park, California 94025
AKA: Eliza’s Arts

Studio Description:
Studio visits by appointment only;


I am a very eclectic potter. I have a deep love and respect for both the functional work of every day ware, to wildly eccentric and flamboyant ceremonial ware, to sculpture with no purpose other than inherent in it’s existence. I am influenced by my culture, nature, and curiosity. Organic forms, color, texture, delicacy and strength intrigue me, and help shape my idea’s.


I have taught ceramics to K-8th grade at Peninsula School Ltd for 3 decades; and I find children’s idea’s and work ethics (play) around creating, to be a significant education for me as an artist. Their willingness to take risks, create without attachment, laugh and cry, and see things in a new way, keeps me connected to why I, we, our species, benefits from creating something of beauty, or something of meaning.

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