Yi-Chi Wang
Houston, Texas




Contact Information:
12711 Villawood Ln.
Houston, TX 77072


Studio Description:
If the paint brush is a tool to paint the painting, the pottery wheel is my tool to throw the sculpture. Most people may think the pottery wheel is merely a tool for making pottery. Why can’t we use it as a tool for bringing out the full figure of art? Think about this: if it is a tool only for functional objects and not as sensitive as a brush to make a “real” art work, why is the piano is sensitive enough to compose great music? Supposedly, pottery wheel is sensitive enough to compose great sculptures. What is the method for making artwork by throwing?


For me, the piano and the pottery wheel are similar. Both of them require an artist to make the artwork by the touch of a finger. They are hand-arts. The other reason is that the time element of art becomes very important both in music and throwing. The throwing technique can easily use rhythm and beat to compose an abstract sculpture. On the other hand, a paint brush is a tool for visual art and it is similar to the pottery wheel in this aspect. A paint brush uses strokes and dye to convey the painting. Therefore, a pottery wheel can do the shaping of the sculpture. Presently, I am trying to bring out the human figure by throwing. I began several years ago, but I could not get wheel sculpture under my control for two years. The reason I could not immediately produce an acceptable work is that this kind of technique needs time to practice the skill of forming the shapes and the proportion of the human figure.


First, I did threw the parts of the figure, and joined them together to become a figure. Second, I shaped and sculpted the details. Third, I bisqued and glazed the artworks. For the glaze, I used a simple under-glaze mix with a low-firing white-matte glaze base. I am still developing this kind of glaze. I don’t like my figure sculptures to be too glossy and bright on the surface, as this distracts from the colors.  The matte surface with more layers of colored glaze is my preference. The other reason that I use this kind of glaze is that it can show more finger-touches and texture than any other kind of glaze.


The clay and glaze are my art materials. The pottery wheel is my tool. I am trying to use them to build my sculpture without any functional purpose. Therefore, the Topology forms become my expression method. I am applying movement in the figure. All my figures are moving with energy because of visual ideas of Topology forms. The Topology forms were my main study when I was a graduate student. I hope to receive more time and financial support to develop it.

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